Mommy of Two Little Boys Making Rain-Bows and Adventures... Forever maker

Hi! I'm Adriana, owner of Vanaguelite Inc. So many of you have wondered what it means? How do you pronounce that name? Well here is the answer, Vanaguelite was my sweet Grandma's last name, It's originally from Lithuania, where she was born. I'm also a former dentist and full time mama. This shop was created right after my 2nd son turned one. I knew I wanted to spend more time with my boys while also being able to provide financial support to my family. This shop was an idea I had since I was 20 (yes, more than 20 years ago) like my grandpa always used to tell me "you should open your boutique". I finally jumped on the idea and put my whole heart into it.
Vanaguelite is more than just a business. It is the reason I'm able to be the mom I've always dreamed of. It is also a way I get to express my creativity and love for creating. At this point, I do everything myself from making, shipping, photographing, and corresponding. My husband helps and my kids are expert shippers...
I opened my Etsy shop in March of 2016 and have grown almost every month since. Each month I run into new growth problems, new ideas, and new motivation for making my  bows better and more available to my customers.
There are so many dreams I've been able to fulfill through this business. All of those things wouldn't be possible without each customers support.
Thank you for being part of this journey...

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